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Tired of banning cheaters alone? Now you can easily share your banlist with other server admins!
Find out how does it work and join our project! Participate in with more than 140 highly visited servers from all over the world.

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Most recent bans created
Player Server Banned at
No recent bans to show

1 989

..banned players with evidence

138 335

..players in our database


..bans past 7 days

27 351

..registered users in system


..existing users' banlists


..registered users' servers

Tools always available, for all.

We provide useful and powerful tools for you, to help you manage your servers more easily and effectively.

Banlist management

You can easily manage player bans for your servers. Even for different servers, when you are accepted as their moderator.

Banlist administration have never been so easy.


Track changes in your banlists, know all the numbers. How many players was banned in selected month, etc.

Team work

Do not work alone! Tell your admin team members to help you! There are tools for all of you. Share access permissions to your banlists and servers.

You are in charge

You make the changes, you are part of the system. Create permission groups and use our detailed permission system!


You can work with a lot of settigns in your banlists. You can even make Banlists publicly accessible.

Comming soon

New features comming soon!

Still evolving and improving. For you.

We are still working to make environment more suitable, intuitive and enjoyable for all.

Your data are safe

Everything you use is protected, and accesible only by people with appropriate permissions.

You are in charge!


Still working on improvements and new functionalities for you!

A lot of them based on your suggestions.

User support

We will everytime try to help you with your problems with system on our forums.

We always listen

Tell us your ideas for possible improvements or suggestions for new functionalities! What do you miss and what would you like to see.

We always listen.